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Wordsworth Variorum Archive

The Wordsworth Variorum Archive (WVA) is a digital archive of the poetry of William Wordsworth. The archive makes available Wordsworth's poetry as it was originally published, arranged by published volume. At present, twelve such volumes are available.

The WVA provides the following tools:

Browse Edition Click on "Browse Edition" (requires frames) to select a Wordsworth publication. Then select from that publication's table of contents to view a specific text. 
Browse by Title Click on "Browse by Title" (requires frames) to select from an alphabetical list of all titles available at the WVA.
Compare Texts Click on "Compare Texts" (requires frames) to compare two versions of the same text side-by-side.
Concordances Click on "Concordances" (requires frames) to select an edition-specific concordance to search.

First edition texts have been used as sources. For more on the texts used as sources, click on "About the Texts."

What's New

January 2009: The Wordsworth Variorum Archive named Britannica iGuide site.

Spring 2008: Wordsworth and the Writing of the Nation is published by Ashgate. Here are some links for the book:

Catalog Page at the Publisher (includes excerpts from the book)

Click here to see the publisher's flyer for Wordsworth and the Writing of the Nation

January 5, 2007: Concordances for Lyrical Ballads, 1800 and Collected Poems, 1815 repaired (they work now and they didn't quite work before)

Legal Disclaimer (or why I didn't become a lawyer)

Please note that the WVA is at present more digital curiosity ("something evermore about to be"?) than scholarly resource. A recent independent review of the texts in the archive identified some textual errors. In short, until further notice (i.e. legions of graduate students doing my work for me) the accuracy of the texts found on the WVA should be verified against either original published volumes or an appropriate scholarly edition.

Copyright 1997-2009 by James M. Garrett. All rights reserved.